Event — A Generative Library


Büro BDP installed a A Gen­er­at­ive Lib­rary in their new rooms at Mareschstraße in Ber­lin. Until Feb­ru­ary 28th, 2015 you have the chance to drop by and browse trough the pub­lic­a­tions…


»Books shape exist­ence: some have been the teach­ers of our pasts, some have set the stage for how we have come to per­ceive our present, and some will be the guides to our future(s). There are the old, worn books we have read over and over through­out life; the books we wish we’d read and then there are all the poten­tial, hypo­thet­ic­al books — the ones we dream about hold­ing in our hands, and then there also those ones we can only hope will nev­er mater­i­al­ize, those books of night­mares, impossible books.

For the open­ing of the new Büro BDP we have asked former and future col­lab­or­at­ors to con­trib­ute to a gen­er­at­ive lib­rary, a col­lect­ive cur­riculum for the past and future prac­tices of BDP, the books that have and will guide us through our future. The range is telling, from the old and man­handled to the paper­less PDF, the school book that offered clandes­tine secrets to act­ive assist­ants in cur­rent research pro­jects. With this open­ing ges­ture, we hope to estab­lish Büro BDP as an act­ive space for book research, pub­lish­ing and indeed read­ing.« — BDP


Com­piled by Shane Ander­son, derek bea­lieu, Ida Bencke, Isa­bel Carvalho, Ann Cot­ten, Lars Mørch Fin­borud, Adam Fearon, Fuchs­Borst, John Hol­ten, Katie Hol­ten, Eduardo Kac, Hanne Lip­pard, Stine Mar­ie Jac­ob­sen, Fil­ippa Pet­ter­son, Ant­oine Renard, Cia Rinne, Lorenzo San­dov­al, Sam Smith, Oliv­er Spieker, Jon Ståle Rit­land, Morten Sønder­gaard et al…

Büro BDP
Mareschstrasse 1
12055 Ber­lin

until Feb­ru­ary 28th, 2015
open from Thursday to Sat­urday,
from 11am to 6pm