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Project — Megawords

Who gets to design, dec­or­ate, and use pub­lic and insti­tu­tion­al spaces? Who has the author­ity to define how and for whom our cit­ies and our cul­tur­al insti­tu­tions func­tion? Mega­words insists that we all do, but that each of us must roll up our sleeves and lit­er­ally make the spaces — both phys­ic­al and ima­gin­at­ive — where we want to work, meet, think and play.”
 — Mega­words

Mega­words is a pro­ject foun­ded by Anthony Smyrski and Dan Murphy and based in Phi­adelphia, PA. They aim ‘to doc­u­ment their sur­round­ings, exper­i­ence, to have a voice free from the noise of com­mer­cial­iz­a­tion and com­pet­ing nov­el­ties, and to cre­ate an open and act­ive dia­logue between Mega­words and the com­munity at large.’ The res­ults mater­i­al­izes in form of an inde­pend­ently, bian­nu­al pub­lished pho­to­graphy magazine and related install­a­tion pro­jects and pub­lic events…

Fair — Zulu Christmas Zine Symposium

On Sat­urday Decem­ber 19th, 2010 Bear Gami brings us the Zulu Christ­mas Zine Sym­posi­um at the The Ice Cream Fact­ory in Lon­don.

Event — Zineswap’s Birthday Party

Zineswap invites you to cel­eb­rate their second birth­day…

Event — ZineView: A Pop-up Reading Room

After some con­tro­ver­se dis­cus­sion on wemakez­ines the book »Fan­zines« by Teal Triggs launches with the one-night exhib­i­tion »ZineV­iew: A Pop-up Read­ing Room« on Monday Septem­ber 20th, 2010….