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Exhibition — Zines #2 1976 – 1979


If you are going to Munich until Janu­ary 31st, 2014 you should stop by the Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tut für Kun­st­geschichte (ZI) and vis­it the exhib­i­tion Zines #2 1976 – 1979 cur­ated by Hubert Kretschmer

Fair — IPF Photo Book & Zine Fair

From April 7th to 8th 2012 the Inde­pend­ent Pho­to­graphy Fest­iv­al in Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia is host­ing a Photo Book & Zine Fair

Event — Mono.Markt #01

Today Motto, mono.kultur and mono.gramm opens a one day pop-up store at Café Systm in Ber­lin. You should go there…

Fair — Alternative Press

Altern­at­ive Press will be hold­ing anoth­er day of Comix, Zines, Book Arts, Print­mak­ing, Rad­ic­al Lit­er­at­ure and everything inbetween!

Fair — Offprint Paris

Off­print Par­is is an artist book fair ded­ic­ated to pho­to­graphy pub­lic­a­tions. Focus­ing on inde­pend­ant pub­lish­ing com­pan­ies, Off­print aspires to be a meet­ing place for Artists, Pho­to­graph­ers, Graph­ic design­ers, Cur­at­ors, Artist­ic dir­ect­ors, Journ­al­ists, Col­lect­ors… who deal with “prin­ted” pho­to­graphy: books, magazines, zines, prints…

Conference — Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference

The Con­tem­por­ary Artists’ Books Con­fer­ence is a dynam­ic, two-day event focused on emer­ging prac­tices and debates with­in art-book cul­ture.

This year’s ses­sions address a wide array of sub­jects, includ­ing: exper­i­ment­al lib­rar­ies, the so-called zine renais­sance, fusion of art and design in typo­graphy, con­tem­por­ary cri­ti­cism, and new ped­ago­gic­al approaches to the ever-expand­ing field of artists’ books.

Event — The Holster & Bryan Graf at EFA

On Octo­ber 16th at the EFA Pro­ject Space, The Hol­ster will be print­ing, bind­ing, trim­ming and dis­trib­ut­ing a book of recent images col­lec­ted and made by Bry­an Graf

Event — Zine Fair, Table Top & Jumble Sale

Come over to Lon­don next Monday. The stu­dents of the Cam­ber­well Col­lege of Art and Design in Lon­don organ­izes a Zine Fair. At the »Zine Fair, Table Top & Jumble Sale« (link to the face­book-event) you’ll find »the hot­test self pub­lished books, prints and zines from UAL stu­dents and London’s finest, as well as a selec­tion of badges, t‑shirts, cards and good­ies galore.«

Open Call — NO-ISBN

Deadlin: 11-29-2010

Have you recently pub­lished an Art book without ISBN num­ber? Is it an Art book, the doc­u­ment­a­tion of your work or does it cov­er Art or Art the­ory? NO-ISBN is look­ing for pub­lic­a­tions by inter­na­tion­al prac­ti­tion­ers in the fields of con­tem­por­ary Art and the­ory that have recently been real­ised without a distributor/​publisher.
NO-ISBN is a non-com­mer­cial pro­ject by Vien­nese artist Bernhard Cella in con­nec­tion with his “Salon für Kun­st­buch” in Vienna…

Event — Zine*Fair

by Velos Touri

Zine*Fair is an one day Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ers Fair at the Kun­sthalle Wien in Vienna (Aus­tria). It’s cur­ated by Rita Vitorelli and Cathérine Hug. Amongst oth­ers you’ll find there fol­low­ing par­ti­cipants: 4478zine · Eric · Ander­sen · bankleer · Bed­ford­press · Beton Blu­men · Black pages · BLU · Edi­tions fpcf · Für Immer · GRRRR · GLW/DRK Magazine · Je suis une bande de Jeunes · Kodoji press · Mono­chrom · motto dis­tri­bu­tion · Nieves · Occulto · Pas­sen­ger Books · Paz­maker · Rollo Press · Salon für Kun­st­buch · Seems Books · (U)L.S · Velos Touri · Sergej Vutuc · White Columns · etc. For fur­ther inform­a­tions you can write a mail or have a look here.

Kun­sthalle Wien · Foy­er Vienna (Aus­tria)
Septem­ber 18th, 2010 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.