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Exhibition — The Postcard is a Public Work of Art

Molly Rooke · Realistic Expectation (1), (2) & (3) [2013] · Set of three collaged postcards

Molly Rooke · Real­ist­ic Expect­a­tion (1), (2) & (3) [2013]

You are invited to the exhib­i­tion The Post­card is a Pub­lic Work of Art open­ing on Janu­ary 23rd, 2014 at X Marks the Bök­ship in Lon­don…

Launch — Young, Fresh & Relevant #3


You are invited to the launch of Young, Fresh and Relevant’s third issue at X Marks the Bök­ship in Lon­don on April 13th, 2013

Launch — A day without olives is like a day


Today, Sat­urday Feb­ru­ary 16th, 2013 you are invited to the audio book install­a­tion dur­ing the day with an even­ing launch of a day without olives is like a day by Jack Piers Scott, pub­lished by Cor­por­eal, at X Marks the Bök­ship in Lon­don…

Launch — Jonny on a Chorizo

You are invited to the launch of Jonny on a Cho­ri­zo by Paul Haworth at X Marks the Bök­ship in Lon­don on Feb­ru­ary 15th and at San Ser­riffe in Ams­ter­dam on March 7th, 2013. Jonny on a Cho­ri­zo is the Finale to the Silk Handker­chiefs tri­logy and was pub­lished by TRUE TRUE TRUE

Spector Books Artist Talk “Songs & Clouds”

You are invited to a Spect­or Books artist talk with Olaf Nic­olai and Helmut Völ­ter at X Marks the Bök­ship on Thursday Decem­ber 20th, 2012

Launch — Flee Immediately

Flee Imme­di­ately! launches its Manu­al, issue #01, on Fri­day, April 13th 2012, at X Marks the Bök­ship in Lon­don…

‘To not let the struc­ture close in, but to open up: to flee imme­di­ately is to iron­ic­ally explore remain­ing.’
A Journ­al that opens the black box to explore Tech­no­lo­gies, art and writ­ing in crit­ic­al and con­tex­tu­al ways. Prin­ted on a double sided A1 sheet that is fol­ded down to A5, with dif­fer­ent paper, ideas, and con­cep­tu­al ele­ments to fit each theme, Flee Imme­di­ately! is an object to be explored and exper­i­mented with from its cre­ation to its read­ing.

And so Flee Imme­di­ately! into the vast open black box. From magic to spir­its and from trans­par­ency to secrecy, the media and tech­no­lo­gies — the pro­jects, writ­ings, and works that make up the black box — are there to be explored, pondered and reworked. The pos­sib­il­it­ies are end­less, but the lim­its are still there. And Flee Imme­di­ately! does lim­it itself as a for­um to think crit­ic­ally about media, tech­no­logy and soft­ware with­in social, polit­ic­al and cul­tur­al con­texts. But the lim­its of the black box are not always sharp. They blur and open: tech­no­logy becomes con­nec­ted to oth­er ideas, always meet­ing upon the fold and with­in the black box with new realms. It all star­ted as a gap between ›inter­act­ive media‹ pro­jects that fit with­in a crit­ic­al frame­work and a more gen­er­al under­stand­ing of what ›inter­act­ive media‹ can mean in a com­mer­ic­al world. And it is iron­ic­ally this gap that Flee Imme­di­ately! does not flee but takes as a guide, allow­ing for exper­i­ment­a­tion, devel­op­ment and defin­ing as it goes along through an open­ing up of medi­as, mediums,genres and artists/​contributors.”
 — Flee Imme­di­ately!

X Marks the Bök­ship
210 / Unit 3 Cam­bridge Heath Road
Lon­don E2 9NQ, UK

April 13th 2012 from 6.30 to 9pm

Launch — everything & was

Lem­on­Mel­on invites you to join the launch of ‘everything’ by Mar­it Mün­zberg and ‘was’ by Tam­ar­in Nor­wood on Thursday March 1st, 2012 at X Marks the Bök­ship, Lon­don…

Launch — A Detour Around Infermental

Join X Marks The Bök­ship for the launch of the new book A Detour Around Infer­ment­al on Feb­ru­ary 25th, 2012 in Lon­don…

Launch — The Clifford Chadwick Clifford Collection

On Feb­ru­ary 2nd 2012 X Marks The Bök­ship invites you to join them for Vodka Mar­tinis, read­ings and music for spies and P.I.s. The book launch of The Clif­ford Chad­wick Clif­ford Col­lec­tion by Lytle Shaw also marks the start of An End­less Sup­ply being February’s Pub­lish­er of the Month at the Bök­ship in Lon­don…

Open Call — filling in the blanks

Lem­on­Mel­on invites you to fill in the blanks…