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4th Independent Publishers and Zine Fair Vienna


From June 28th to 30th, 2013 the 4th Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ers and Zine Fair Vienna takes place at Kun­sthalle Wien in Vienna (Aus­tria)…

Fair — make.aZINE Fair


Tonight, May 23rd, 2013 at 6pm opens Graphikkinder’s make.aZINE Fair at Künst­ler­haus in Vienna and you are invited to drop by…

Fair — Zine*Fair @ Kunsthalle Wien

Kun­sthalle Wien invites you to Zine*Fair the 2nd One Day Inde­pend­ent Small Pub­lish­ers Fair at MQ in Vienna. The fair takes place on Septem­ber 17th 2011

Exhibition — Beyond the other side

½ goes Vienna! You’re invited to vis­it the exhib­i­tion »Bey­ond the Oth­er Side« at the Insti­tut Français de Vienne from Feb­ru­ary 4th to March 3rd.