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Event — Copeland Book Market

The Cope­land Book Mar­ket is an art book mar­ket with over 40 par­ti­cip­at­ing pub­lish­ers tak­ing place from July 19th to 22nd 2012 at Bold Tend­en­cies‎ in Lon­don…

Workshop — BoehmKobayashi & Preston is my Paris @ Publish it Yourself

How to pub­lish, how to edit, how to con­ceive a pub­lic­a­tion? In two inde­pend­ent work­shops dur­ing Pub­lish it Your­self-fest­iv­al under­ground artists and pub­lish­ers BoehmKobay­ashi (Oliv­er Sieber & Katja Stuke) and Pre­ston is my Par­is will guide a small group of par­ti­cipants through those pro­cesses with a pub­lic­a­tion as the final product…

Open Call — Publish it Yourself

Pub­lish it Your­self (PiY) is an event focus­ing on self-pub­lished pho­to­books held from Septem­ber 9th to 11th 2011, at Mais­on d’art Bern­ard Antho­nioz in Nogent sur Marne…

Event — Piccadilly Self Publishing Fair


Come down to Manchester’s first Pic­ca­dilly Self Pub­lish­ing Fair and Exhib­i­tion for a lazy Sunday of per­us­ing and pur­chas­ing hand-bound beau­ties, zines and mul­tiples. The fair will take place on Sunday Octo­ber 3rd, 2010 from in Pic­ca­dilly Place as part of the Free for Arts Fest­iv­al