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Open Call — KIOOSK

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The people behind KIOOSK call for pub­lish­ers to par­ti­cip­ate in the second issue of KIOOSK Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ing Fair tak­ing place in Krakow (Poland) from Novem­ber 16th to 17th, 2013

Fair — Kioosk in Krakow

From Novem­ber 17th to 18th 2012, Kioosk, the first Inter­na­tion­al Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ing Fair in Krakow (Poland) will take place. If you like to join this fair you can sub­mit your pro­jects…

Open Call — Rookie contest

Rook­ie is an ini­tia­tive con­si­sting of a con­test (from March to June 2012) for the most intri­gu­ing inde­pen­dent book pro­ject, a.k.a. art book and a festi­val (in Decem­ber 2012) aimed at pre­sen­ting and pro­mo­ting a wide sur­vey of this par­ti­cu­lar cul­ture of art publi­shing at the Arsen­ał Muni­cip­al Gal­lery in Pozn­ań (Poland). The con­test is now open for sub­mis­sions…

Impressions — BOOKIE

A week ago Honza Zamojski cur­at­or of BOOK­IE exhib­i­tion at Piktogram/​BLA in Warsz­a­wa (Poland) sends me a few impres­sions i like to share with you. It looks like a great show and i espe­cially love the idea to set vin­tage magazins against con­tem­por­ary artzines. If you’re in the area of Warsz­a­wa you have to have a look with your own eyes. And every­body else should think about a trip to Pikto­gram until July 31st 2011