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Fair — Offprint Amsterdam

From Septem­ber 20th to 23rd 2012 the third Off­print Art Books Fair takes place at Amsterdam’s West­er­gas­fab­riek

Fair — Offprint

The second Off­print will take place from Novem­ber 10th to 13th 2011 at Lycée Tech­no­lo­gique d’Arts Appli­qués Auguste Ren­oir in Par­is…

Fair — Offprint Paris

Off­print Par­is is an artist book fair ded­ic­ated to pho­to­graphy pub­lic­a­tions. Focus­ing on inde­pend­ant pub­lish­ing com­pan­ies, Off­print aspires to be a meet­ing place for Artists, Pho­to­graph­ers, Graph­ic design­ers, Cur­at­ors, Artist­ic dir­ect­ors, Journ­al­ists, Col­lect­ors… who deal with “prin­ted” pho­to­graphy: books, magazines, zines, prints…