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Exhibition — Gazette Show

You are invited to the exhib­i­tion of Gaz­ette Show, open­ing on Octo­ber 26th 2012 at Mzin in Leipzig…

Open Call — Gazette

Gaz­ette calls for self-pub­lished news­pa­per released with­in the last two years for the exhib­i­tion Gaz­etteshow at Mzin in Leipzig…

Launch — This Week Issue #2

On Fri­day, 29th of Octo­ber, This Week will be at Motto in Ber­lin with the offi­cially launch of Issue #2 »Quarter Report I – Men With Ties« by Alon Lev­in. There will be short present­a­tions by each artist of all 3 issues made so far.