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Fair — One Thousand Books


From May 24th to 26th, 2013 One Thou­sand Books an inde­pend­ent art book fair with a nor­d­ic focus takes place at REMA 1000 Carls­berg in Copen­ha­gen…

Lubok №11

Linocut by Sebastian Gögel

Linocut by Sebasti­an Gögel fpr Lub­ok №11

Lub­ok is crowd­fund­ing the 11th issue of their Lub­ok series and until may 31st, 2013 you have the chance to sup­port their work by pre­order a copy…

Exhibition — Porno Kommunistisk Universitet

On Septem­ber 15th 2012 Lub­ok opens the exhib­i­tion Porno Kom­mun­istisk Uni­versitet with works by Jes­per Fab­ri­cius at Lubok’s tem­por­ary pro­ject space at Spin­nerei in Leipzig…

Event — Mzin & Lubok

Two events at one place. Tonight, Decem­ber 10th 2011 Mzin opens the exhib­i­tion Col­lect­able with works by the Bam Bam Col­lect­ive. In occa­cion of this exhib­i­tion the Col­lect­ive launches their RISO prin­ted pub­lic­a­tion “Quot­able”.  At the same time Lub­ok opens an exhib­i­tion and launches “Wel­ten­zyk­lopädie Volume 1 by Paule Ham­mer next door…

Release — I’m not on fire

Open­ing and book present­a­tion tonight in Leipzig

»I’m not on fire« by Carsten Tabel, designed by Sam de Groot and pub­lished by Lub­ok Ver­lag is released on the occa­sion of the exhib­i­tion “The dif­fer­ence between you and me is that I’m not on fire” show­ing works of the artist at galer­ieKlein­di­enst from Octo­ber 21 to Novem­ber 20, 2010.
A read­ing by the author of selec­ted texts from “I’m not on fire” will take place at the Lub­ok Zen­t­rale on Octo­ber 29.