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Event — Landfill Library @ Wilton’s Café

Poster by Vikt­or Hach­mang


Land­fill Edi­tion invites you to the Land­fill Lib­rary at Wilton’s Café (Lon­don Fields) open­ing on Septem­ber 15th 2011

Talk — Landfill & Ned Beauman at “Land of Kings”

Hugh Frost (founder of Land­fill) will be doing a short talk tonight as part of Land of Kings fest­iv­al with Ned Beau­man about Land­fill Edi­tions, their col­lab­or­a­tion on The Dol­phins of Lagos and Ned’s writ­ing in gen­er­al…

Event — Books Room

This is an event for every­body in Lon­don this Sat­urday. The first ever ›Books Room‹ is an one day inde­pend­ent arts pub­lish­ing sale that will fea­ture books, zines, com­ics and prints.

Release — Mould Map Issue 1

Mould Map is a new pro­ject by Hugh Frost from Land­fill Edi­tions and Leon Sadler the head behind Fami­con Express