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Exhibition — Punk cabinet de curiosités | MADE IN Raymond Pettibon: 1978 – 1986


From Septem­ber 13th to Novem­ber 16th, 2013 mfc-michèle didi­er gal­lery in Par­is (France) takes the appear­ance of a concept store, or more pre­cisely and at the same time more mys­ter­i­ously, a punk cab­in­et of curi­os­it­ies…

Fair — Kiosk

From Novem­ber 14th to 18th, 2012 PiY (Pub­lish it Your­self) present KiOSK, a new event, with a selec­tion of self-pub­lished books. For the occa­sion, a tem­por­ary kiosk will be con­struc­ted at the entry of LE BAL in Par­is…

Store — Panorama No 7

Théo­phile Papers is going to open the sev­enth edi­tion of his tem­por­ary book­shop from March 14th to 16th 2012. This time at two loc­a­tions, at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts (ESBA) and 200×75 in Angers, France and in col­ab­or­a­tion with Valeri­an Goa­lec

Event — Panorama #6

You are invited to Pan­or­ama #6 by Theophile’s Papers open­ing yes­ter­day Janu­ary 26th 2012 at Sun­set Résid­ence in Lyon…

Launch — The Significant Savages

Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine Invites you the the launch and sign­ing of his book The Sig­ni­fic­ant Sav­ages at Le Bal in Par­is on Octo­ber 13th 2011

Launch — POV female

oodee invites you to the launch of mono­graph­ic pub­lic­a­tions by five young female pho­to­graph­ers at Le Bal on septem­ber 29th 2011

Launch — Pulmo Marina

Dente-De-Leone invites you to the launch of Pulmo Mar­ina (by Auréli­en Fro­ment and Åbäke) on Septem­ber 10th 2011 at castillo/​corrales in Par­is…

Open Call — Publish it Yourself

Pub­lish it Your­self (PiY) is an event focus­ing on self-pub­lished pho­to­books held from Septem­ber 9th to 11th 2011, at Mais­on d’art Bern­ard Antho­nioz in Nogent sur Marne…

Event — Panorama N° 3

Theophile’s Papers invites you to Pan­or­ama N° 3 (June 8th to 9th 2011) at Voy­ages au bout de la nuit in St Rémy de Provence…

Launch — The Institute of Social Hypocrisy · Fanzine No 5 (final issue)

The Insti­tute of Social Hypo­crisy invites you to the launch of Fan­zine No 5 from May 14th to 16th, 2011