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Event — Volk #3


I was invited to par­ti­cip­ate in the third work­shop by Volk, named “Slogo”. This work­shop is ded­ic­ated to “Art, Advert­ising and the inten­tions of art bey­ond artists” (Alex­an­der Jack­son Wyatt). The res­ults of this event will be shown on August 16th, 2013 at We make it in Ber­lin…

Event — Four Corners Books residency

Four Corners Books is pub­lish­ers-in-res­id­ence at Mar­cus Camp­bell Art Books in Lon­don this autumn. The two-month res­id­ency begins with a talk by John Mor­gan on Tues­day Septem­ber 18th, 2012

Event — It’s A Fanzine – Dummy

It’s A Fan­zine – Dummy” is a fan­zine present­a­tions by Ger­rit Rietveld Academie 2nd year graph­ic design stu­dents, present­a­tion by pub­lish­er and print­er De Dolle Hond / De Sten­cilkeld­er, pro­duc­tion work­shop by Rebecca Stephany, for­eign fan­zines trans­lated and read, book­shop (zines from Ams­ter­dam and around the world) and much more…

Event — Books Room

This is an event for every­body in Lon­don this Sat­urday. The first ever ›Books Room‹ is an one day inde­pend­ent arts pub­lish­ing sale that will fea­ture books, zines, com­ics and prints.

Event — The Holster & Bryan Graf at EFA

On Octo­ber 16th at the EFA Pro­ject Space, The Hol­ster will be print­ing, bind­ing, trim­ming and dis­trib­ut­ing a book of recent images col­lec­ted and made by Bry­an Graf

Event — 5th Magazine Library

The 5th Magazine Lib­rary exhib­i­tion has been exten­ded to the end of Octo­ber due to the incred­ible amount of feed­back and interest garnered dur­ing the show.

5th Magazine Library — First Impression

Some quick impres­sions of the 5th Magazin Lib­rary in Tokyo (Japan)…

Fair — London Art Book Fair 2010

The Lon­don Art Book Fair is an annu­al event devoted to inter­na­tion­al art pub­lish­ing. Hos­ted by the White­chapel Gal­lery in asso­ci­ation with Mar­cus Camp­bell Art Books, The Lon­don Art Book Fair presents the work of indi­vidu­al artist pub­lish­ers, gal­ler­ies, magazines, col­leges, arts pub­lish­ing houses, rare book deal­ers and dis­trib­ut­ors along­side a wider asso­ci­ated pro­gramme of talks and events…

Event — NY Art Book Fair


Prin­ted Mat­ter presents the fifth annu­al NY Art Book Fair, Novem­ber 5 – 7 2010 at MoMA PS1, Long Island City, Queens. The fair is free and open to the pub­lic and hosts over 200 inter­na­tion­al presses, book­sellers, anti­quar­i­an deal­ers, artists, pub­lish­ers from twenty coun­tries, offer­ing the best in con­tem­por­ary art-book pub­lish­ing…

Event — Blind Date

The artist book fair Blind Date will be launched on Septem­ber 15, 2010 in Ljubljana (Slov­e­nia) with a mul­ti­tude of activ­it­ies like work­shops, dis­cus­sions, book present­a­tions, screen­ings.

Amongst oth­ers you’ll find there books and zines of fol­low­ing par­ti­cipants: Argo­books (Ber­lin), Cvetka Hojnik (Len­dava), Car­melo Cac­ci­ato (Mon­fal­cone), Franco Vec­chiet (Trst), Archive of Artist Books (Munich), Lub­ok Ver­lag (Leipzig), Vlado Martek (Zagreb), MER.Paperkunsthalle (Gent), MGLC (Ljubljana), Motto (Ber­lin), Radio Cona (Ljubljana), Darko Sim­ičić (Zagreb), Space Poetry (Koben­haven), Mod­erna Galer­ija (Ljubljana), Ugly Duck­ling Press (New York), Under­grad (Beo­grad), Sašo Urukalo (Ljubljana), WHW (Zagreb), Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. (Ljubljana).

Blind Date
Jakop­ič Gal­lery · Ljubljana (Slov­e­nia)

Septem­ber 15 to Octo­ber 20, 2010