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Urs Lehni wins the Swiss Federal Design Award

Urs Lehni wins the Swiss Fed­er­al Design Award for his self-pub­lish­ing pro­ject Rollo Press. I love the Rollo Press pub­lic­a­tions very much and just want to say: Con­grats!!…

Exhibition — End Note

End Note is an exhib­i­tion on the role pub­lic­a­tions play in an artist’s prac­tice from Novem­ber 27th, 2010 to Janu­ary 29th, 2011. It’s cur­ated by Robert Okuda Fitzpatrick in col­lab­or­a­tion with Tan­ya Leighton and Archive Kabin­ett

Event — »Der Baum« book launch

Erik van der Weijde’s 4478zine comes up with a new web­site and a new book. »Der Baum« will be launched at the open­ing of van der Weijdes solo exhib­i­tion in Chert Gal­lery in Ber­lin on Octo­ber 2nd, 2010