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Launch — Luc Deleu’s Tribune (Diary 1971 – 1978)

You’re invited to the present­a­tion of Luc Deleu’s Tribune (Diary 1971 – 1978) (pub­lished by Roma Pub­lic­a­tions) on Sat­urday, 19 Janu­ary 19th 2012 at Stroom in The Hag­ue…

Event — FW: Book Launch

FW: releases their new artist book »Gar­age« by Jan Adri­aans at Van Kran­en­donk Gal­lery in Den Haag. People who vis­ited the »Unter dem Motto« fair in Ber­lin already got the chance to had a look at the first cop­ies of this nice pub­lic­a­tion. Each book comes with one of the four dif­fer­ent colored cov­er and a DVD