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Event — 2HB: What we make with words

Until Decem­ber 17th 2011 CCA will ded­ic­ate its major spaces to 2HB: What we make with words a two-week pro­gramme pro­fil­ing con­tem­por­ary art writ­ing and journ­al pub­lish­ing in Glas­gow…

Event — Zine Fair, Table Top & Jumble Sale

Come over to Lon­don next Monday. The stu­dents of the Cam­ber­well Col­lege of Art and Design in Lon­don organ­izes a Zine Fair. At the »Zine Fair, Table Top & Jumble Sale« (link to the face­book-event) you’ll find »the hot­test self pub­lished books, prints and zines from UAL stu­dents and London’s finest, as well as a selec­tion of badges, t‑shirts, cards and good­ies galore.«

Event — Salford Zine Library on Tour


The Salford Zine Lib­rary goes on tour in the UK. SZL may well be com­ing to a town near you in the next month…