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Event — Heroes of the Sexual Revolution

You are invited to the open­ing, tonight June 9th 2012, of the exhib­i­tion Her­oes of the Sexu­al Revolu­tion by Jes­per Fab­ri­cius at Boekie Woekie in Ams­ter­dam. Togeth­er with the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion issue 22 of “Het Andre Behr Pam­f­let” will be launched: alli­ance between the images and their mean­ing…

Opening — PrintROOM’s New Headquarters

On Novem­ber 19th, 2010 Prin­t­ROOM opens their New Headquar­ters in the middle of Rot­ter­dam with a bunch of events like an exhib­i­tion, present­a­tions and talks with mono.kultur, Club Donny, TTC and Jan Voss cofounder of Boekie Woekie