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Fair — Waregem Artist’s Book Fair


On May 5th, 2013 the second edi­tion of Waregem Artist’s Book Fair takes place at Be-Part, Plat­form voor actuele kunst in Waregem, Bel­gi­um…

Launch — Scheinbewegungen & Slakes

Entr’acte and Für Dich Ver­lag invites you to the launch of their latest pub­lic­a­tions Schein­be­we­gun­gen by Jan Mat­thé and Slakes by “                    ”[sic] Tim Goldie/​Daniel Beban on Janu­ary 11th, 2013 at Stad­sli­miet in Ant­werp…

Event — Shelter Press & Occulto Magazine at Wiels

Wiels invites you to an even­ing cur­ated by Shel­ter Press and Occulto Magazine on Octo­ber 29th 2012 at Brus­sels…

Exhibition — Fernand Baudin Prize 2011

If you’re in Brus­sels next week­end (March 23rd to 25th 2012) you shouldn’t miss the Fernand Baud­in Prize exhib­i­tion as well as the Pa/​per View art book fair. Both at WIELS

Fair — PA/PER VIEW Art Book Fair

You’re invited to the PA/PER VIEW art book fair open­ing on March 22nd 2012 at WIELS in Brus­sels (Bel­gi­um)…

Open Call — The Shelf Library

Topo Copy is an ‘open lab-research-cen­ter’ for art prints and zines based in Ghent who col­lec­ted a lot of selfpub­lished pub­lic­a­tions over the last years. Actu­ally they’re going to make the col­lec­tion avail­able for the pub­lic. This pro­ject is called The Shelf Lib­rary and will be launched on April 1st 2012 at DOK in occas­sion of the Bleed 2012 fest­iv­al…

Event — Le Mini Salon De La Micro-Édition

Les Ton­tons Racleurs invites you to “Le Mini Salon De La Micro-Édi­tion” in their art space on July 25th 2011

Even My Mum…

Exhibition Poster

On Septem­ber 15th the exhib­i­tion “Even My Mum Can Make A Book” at Man­zara Per­spect­ives in Istan­bul (Tur­key) opens its doors.