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Event — Panorama #10

This week is the last week of Théophile’s Pan­or­ama N° 10 at Abi­lene Gal­lery in Brus­sels and you are invited to join the upcom­ing events…

Event — Panorama #10

From May 18th to June 24th 2012 the Abi­lene gal­lery based in Brus­sels lends its ven­ue to Theophile’s Papers. For this big pan­or­ama, a series of talks, launches, and little gigs will take place…

Event — Bookshop Days in Brussels

Beside the Brus­sels Art Days and Design Septem­ber the first Book­shop Days will take place in Brus­sels from Septem­ber 10th to 11th 2011