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Launch — Pulmo Marina

Dente-De-Leone invites you to the launch of Pulmo Mar­ina (by Auréli­en Fro­ment and Åbäke) on Septem­ber 10th 2011 at castillo/​corrales in Par­is…

Interview — Salon Light #7

Yes­ter­day opened the Salon Light #7 at the Point Eph­émère in Par­is. In occa­sion of this event Char­lotte Cheetham ask some ques­tions to the pub­lish­ers and post these inter­views beside pic­tures of the event on her Manystuff blog.

At the moment you’ll find there the inter­views of West­phalie Ver­lag, Edi­tions B42, Kaugummi, GAGAR­IN, The Insti­tute of Social Hypo­crisy, Book Works, Dyn­asty Zine, Dent De Leone & Åbäke and the list will be updated dur­ing the week­end.