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Event — Duplicata – A Collective Bookmaking Experience

12 is doing a great event and you are invited to par­ti­cip­ate. On May 3rd 2012 Duplicata – A Col­lect­ive Book­mak­ing Exper­i­ence will take place at Auf­bau Haus in Ber­lin…

Launch — 12 Zine #6

On Novem­ber 18th 2011 12 Zine launches their 6th issue at Soep­bo­er & Stook­er in Ams­ter­dam…

Impressions — C/O Berlin book days

A few impres­sions of the C/O Ber­lin book days tak­ing place from July 1st to 2nd 2011 at Orani­en­bur­ger Straße 3536 in Ber­lin…

Release — 12 #5

You’re invited to the launch of the fifth issue of the pub­lic­a­tion 12, Thursday, April 21st at Galer­ie Delko in Rennes…

Exhibition — Beyond the other side

½ goes Vienna! You’re invited to vis­it the exhib­i­tion »Bey­ond the Oth­er Side« at the Insti­tut Français de Vienne from Feb­ru­ary 4th to March 3rd.

Impressions — 12 #4 Release

Yes­ter­day, Laure of the 12 zine col­lect­ive send me some impres­sions of their issue #4 release and exhib­i­tion at OFR gal­lery. I like the present­a­tion very much and hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Event — 12 #4 Launch


A nice event for all of you how will be in Par­is in Octo­ber:

12 launches the fourth issue on tues­day, Octo­ber 19th 2010 at the OFR Gal­lery in Par­is. There you’ll find the pesent­a­tion of the new issue and an exhib­i­tion of 12 art­works…

Even My Mum…

Exhibition Poster

On Septem­ber 15th the exhib­i­tion “Even My Mum Can Make A Book” at Man­zara Per­spect­ives in Istan­bul (Tur­key) opens its doors.