It’s just because
we love artzines.

This is a blog on artzines & art books oper­ated by Mor­itz Grünke. I am an artist and one half of the small press Glor­ia Glitzer (togeth­er with Fran­ziska Brandt) and of the Riso­graph print­ing and design stu­dio We make it, too. There we host a pub­lic lib­rary on riso prin­ted artists’ books named Herb­ar­i­um Riso.
Since 2014 i am also involved in the organ­isa­tion of Miss Read: The Ber­lin Art Book Fest­iv­al (togeth­er with Michal­is Pichler and Yaiza Camps).

You’ll find here open calls, lec­tures, exhib­i­tions, reviews and fur­ther inform­a­tions on artzines, artist books and self-pub­­l­ish­ing artists. I am always open for sub­mis­sions and if you got an open call or an event you like to announce just drop me a line.

If you got an artzine or artists’ book you like to sub­mit just send it with some inform­a­tion about it and about you to:

c/​o We make it
Mal­plaquet­strasse 17
13347 Ber­lin

You’ll also find artzines​.de on Face­book & Twit­ter