Release — Fuego #2

On Thursday, Novem­ber 25th Fuego cel­eb­rates their second issue with a release party at Das Magazin Pop-Up Magazine Store in Ham­burg.

In Issue #02 “Great Minds Think Alike” the cur­at­ors and pub­lish­ers Coke Bartrina and Elena Gal­len con­cerns on the top­ic hats and cos­tumes:

The story about Sal­vador and Joe Flasch’s hats and cos­tumes inspired us to get this issue star­ted. We want to thank the minds of all our con­trib­ut­ors for think­ing alike and fer­til­iz­ing the seeds that have sprouted into this ode to hats.”
 — Fuego Fan­zine

If you can­’t be there you also got the chance to buy your copy here.

Das Magazin Pop-Up Magazine Store
Teil­feld 8
Ham­burg (Ger­many)

Novem­ber 25th at 6.30 pm

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