Fair — Index Art Book Fair

From April 14th to 16th, 2016 the third edi­tion of the Index Art Book Fair hap­pens at Museo Jumex in Mex­ico City…

»Index, the first art book fair in Mex­ico focused on inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers.
Encom­passing Mex­ic­an, South Amer­ic­an and European art pub­lish­ers through col­lab­or­a­tions with cel­eb­rated and estab­lished fairs, Index aims to bring to wider atten­tion edit­or­i­al pro­jects centered around con­tem­por­ary art that lack big dis­tri­bu­tion as well as open a space for dia­logue and exchange with­in the con­text of Mex­ico.
Index assembles an excit­ing pro­gram of events that include exhib­i­tions, con­fer­ences, work­shops, and more, provid­ing a unique oppor­tun­ity for edit­ors and the wider pub­lic alike to dis­cov­er, enjoy and dis­cuss the cut­ting edge of art pub­lish­ing today.«
 — Index

Par­ti­cipants: 8 Ball Zine · Aero­moto · AKV Ber­lin · Ale­jandro Cartagena/​DO · Ali­as Edit­or­i­al · Anouk Kruithof · Art Paper Edi­tions · Behind the X · Books People Places · Buró-Buró · Casa Bosques · Casa Maauad · Casco Pro­jects · Diag­on­al Press · DoPe Press · Edi­ciones Hun­gría · El Insulto · ESPAC · Esto es un libro · Every­day Press · Five­hun­dred Places · Fuck Zinez Edit­or­i­al · Fun­dación Jumex Arte Con­tem­poráneo · Gago­sian Gal­lery · Gato Negro · Gold Rain · Har­monipan Edi­tions · I Nev­er Read · Index Archi­tec­ture · Jardín Pub­lic­a­ciones · Juan de la Cosa + John of the Thing · Juice & Rispetta · Lodret Vandret · Lub­ok Ver­lag · MACOLEN · MER. Paper Kun­sthalle · MONO.KULTUR · Mousse Pub­lish­ing · NADA · New Doc­u­ments · O Book Pub­lish­er · Ono­ma­topee · OSMOS · Per­ish Pub­lish­ing · Pitzilein · PLANA Fest­iv­al · Ros­as­cape · Schizm Magazine · Taller de Pro­duc­ción Edit­or­i­al · Ter­re­moto + Motto · Ver­nacu­lar Insti­tute · White Fungus · Yes and No Books

April 14th to 16th, 2017

Index Art Book Fair
Museo Jumex
Miguel de Cer­vantes Saavedra 303
Col. Granada, Mex­ico-City