Open Call — Romka: The final issue

Romka invites you to sub­mit your photo and the cor­res­pond­ing story to their 10th and final issue of Romka Magazine

»Romka is a col­lect­ive photo album in which people from all over the world share the stor­ies behind their most val­ued pho­to­graphs.

We col­lect and pub­lish these images, because we are inter­ested in the inter­play of pho­to­graphy and per­son­al memor­ies. How we link life-chan­ging events as well as small anec­dotes to pho­to­graphs — some­times at the very moment of expos­ure, some­times in ret­ro­spect, way after the fact.«
 — Romka

To par­ti­cip­ate please send your photo and the cor­res­pond­ing story to Romka.

Text: Eng­lish, 50 – 500 words
Image: JPEG, no lar­ger than 5MB

April 15th, 2017