Fair — Copeland Book Market


The Cope­land Book Mar­ket, now in its third year, is a plat­form for print and pub­lish­ing based around an annu­al four-day event. In 2013 it runs from July 18th to 21st, 2013 at Bold Tend­en­cies in Lon­don…

A cur­ated group of pub­lish­ers and artists, ran­ging from the estab­lished pro­du­cing high-end mono­graphs to small inde­pend­ent groups mak­ing zines and low edi­tion artist books, are brought togeth­er on stalls for the week­end. Artist pro­jects, talks, screen­ings and per­form­ances make up a sig­ni­fic­ant and related events pro­gramme. Bold Tend­en­cies the event and sculp­ture com­mis­sion­ing pro­ject on top of a multi-story car park in Peck­ham, is our val­ued part­ner and fun­der for Cope­land 2013.

The Cope­land Book Mar­ket has a mis­sion to show print and pub­lish­ing form parts of the globe which are tra­di­tion­ally under-rep­res­en­ted in Lon­don. As such we host an Inter­na­tion­al Table for pub­lish­ers unable to attend the mar­ket and we col­lab­or­ate with organ­isa­tions with expert­ise in spe­cif­ic geo­graph­ic areas.”
 — Cope­land Book Mar­ket

Par­ti­cipants: ABC Artists’ Books Cooper­at­ive · ADAD Books  · AOTCS Press  · Art Licks  · Ban­ner Repeat­er  · Book Works  · Brick­house  · B‑B-B-Books  · Café Roy­al Books  · Cam­ber­well Press  · Clin­ic / SSYK  · Com­mon Prac­tice  · DoBeDo  · Down­turn Press  · The Every­day Press  · Four Corner Books  · Four­teen-Nine­teen  · Glor­ia Glitzer  · GOST Books  · Gottlund Ver­lag  · Lodret Vandret  · J&L Books  · Jeremy Del­ler / Brit­ish Coun­cil / Vinyl Fact­ory  · MELK  · Melville House  · The Mod­ern­ist  · Morel Books  · Nobody  · Not­ting Hill Edi­tions  · Paul Pur­gas (Emptyset)  · Pierre Von Kleist  · Pre­ston is my Par­is  · RVB Books  · Shel­ter Press  · South Lon­don Gal­lery  · Ti Pi Tin  · Trol­ley Books  · Umbrella Book Coop  · Uni­verse Magazine  · Verso  · Vil­lage Book­store  · Was­sinkLun­d­gren  · The White Review  · Zabludow­icz Col­lec­tion

Bold Tend­en­cies
95A Rye Lane
Lon­don SE15 4ST

July 18th to 21st, 2013