4th Independent Publishers and Zine Fair Vienna


From June 28th to 30th, 2013 the 4th Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ers and Zine Fair Vienna takes place at Kun­sthalle Wien in Vienna (Aus­tria)…

The suc­cesses of the pre­vi­ous fairs have res­ul­ted in this year’s event expand­ing to three days, and will again see more than sixty loc­al and inter­na­tion­al exhib­it­ors and artists exhib­it­ing, selling, and exchan­ging their works. Zines, posters, t‑shirts, prints, magazines, prin­ted eph­em­era, art books and art magazines will be dis­played and sold.
Along­side the exhib­it­ors, ten artists (includ­ing Balla­bella Papers, Mat­thew Bran­non, AA Bron­son, Ker­stin Cmelka, Sture Johan­nesson Dav­id Jourdan,Cameron Row­land, Stefanie Sargna­gel, and Mar­tin Vesely) will punc­tu­ate the fair with edi­tions and inter­ven­tions — some in the form of per­form­ances, some as prints, oth­ers as t‑shirts. As a spe­cial exhib­i­tion, Hubert Winter, the Vien­nese gal­ler­ist, will cur­ate a selec­tion of art books and eph­em­era from his vast col­lec­tion of works from some of the best-known ’60s and ’70s con­cep­tu­al­ists. Par­al­lel to the fair, a series of talks and dis­cus­sions by a selec­tion of expert speak­ers (a.o. with Post Broth­ers, Michal­is Pichler and Hubert Winter) will touch on emer­ging prac­tices and debates with­in zine cul­ture, and will illu­min­ate issues relat­ing to inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ing today.”
 — Zine Fair Vienna

Par­ti­cipants: A‑B Books (Zurich) · Aller­hei­li­gen­presse — all saints press — casa editrice tutti i santi (Inns­bruck) · Black Pages (Vienna) · Bronze Age (Lon­don) · Bernhard Cella (Vienna) · Clit Clique (Vienna) · Cre­ate & Des­troy Press (Vienna) · Cubo Vivo (Vienna) · dérive (Vienna) · Devo­ni­an Press (Rio de Janeiro) · Direkt­fan­zine (Bud­apest) · Andreas Duscha (Vienna) · edi­tion ch (Vienna) · Edi­tion Krill (Vienna) · Søren Engsted (Stock­holm, Vienna) · Euroz­ine (www) · Extr­em Dep­rimi­er­ende Zines (Vienna) · FANS (Vienna) · Franz the Lonely Aus­trio­naut (Vienna) · Freie Klasse – Akademie der bildenden Kün­ste Wien · Glor­ia Glitzer (Ber­lin) · Greatest hits (Ber­lin) · Ham­mann & Von­mi­er Ver­lag (München) · Hate (Ber­lin) · Hom­mage (Vienna) · Human Resources (Vienna) · innen (Bud­apest) · Kar­ate Zines (Bud­apest) · Pun­eh Khalili-Ansari (Vienna) · Klo­ro­fill (Bud­apest) · Kodoji Press (Baden) · Anna Kohl­weis (Vienna) · Lasso-Magazin (Zurich) · Maria Ther­esia Litschauer (Vienna) · Magazyn (Brno, Olomouc) · Matt Magazine (Munich) · Mater­i­al Mat­ters (Vienna) · mono­chrom (Vienna) · Mot­mot (Vienna) · Adam de Neige (Vienna) · Occulto (Mil­ano, Ber­lin) · Pan­el (Vienna) · Paraguay Press (Par­is) · Mark Pezinger (Ber­lin, Vienna) · Popup Press (Basel) · Rakete​.co (Ber­lin) · rp reflex (Bud­apest) · Skulpi (Ber­lin) · SOY­BOT (Vienna) · Star­ship Magazine und Ver­lag (Ber­lin) · Streu­licht Mag (Vienna) · Aleksandar Todorovic (Ber­lin, Vienna, Bijeljina) · Undemi (Ber­lin, Par­is, Rennes, Vienna) · united queen­doms (Vienna) · Sergej Vutuc (Heil­bronn) · Wan­der­ing (Basel) · West­phalie Ver­lag (Ber­lin, Vienna) · ztscrpt (Vienna)

Cur­at­ors: Rita Vitorelli (artist and pub­lish­er of SPIKE Art Quarterly), Cathérine Hug, Gareth Long, and Vanessa Joan Müller

Kun­sthalle Wien
Museum­squart­i­er Karlsplatz

June 28th to 30th, 2013