Event — Copeland Book Market

The Cope­land Book Mar­ket is an art book mar­ket with over 40 par­ti­cip­at­ing pub­lish­ers tak­ing place from July 19th to 22nd 2012 at Bold Tend­en­cies‎ in Lon­don…

The Cope­land Book Mar­ket was foun­ded by Guy Robertson and Tom Saun­der­son in 2011 and takes its name from the yard in which their gal­lery, Son Gal­lery, is loc­ated in Peck­ham. This year they are joined by an advis­ory pan­el of artists, pho­to­graph­ers and pub­lish­ers includ­ing Lewis Chap­lin (four­teen-nine­teen), Oliv­er Griffin (Umbrella Group), Kat Black and Adam Mur­ray (Pre­ston is my Par­is).”
 — CBM

JULY 19th 2012
21:00 Art Licks Issue 8 Launch Event
A live Audio-Visu­al col­lab­or­a­tion between Super­lat­ive TV, Will Ward and Punch­cut­ter (TheGravy).

18:0021:00 Chopped Liv­er Press by Broomberg and Chanar­in
A screen­print­ing press pro­du­cing hand-made ‘Chopped Liv­er’ posters and a screen­ing of the film ‘Black Mar­ket’.

JULY 20th 2012

16:0021:00 Joc­Jon­Josch ‘White Ele­phant‹
The col­lect­ive turn the aud­it­or­i­um into a make-shift dark­room in order to view a 3 metre x 3.5 metre unfixed pho­to­graph­ic print.

19:00 Jimmy Mer­ris per­form­ance: pretty jokes assemblage no.2
Jimmy Mer­ris makes some live art.

22:00 – LateTop Nice’
The Cope­land Book Mar­ket after party in the Cope­land Indus­tri­al Park.
JULY 21st 2012
12:0018:00 Post Works and Stu­dio Tobi­as Klein present ‘The Exquis­ite House’
An inter­pret­a­tion of the sem­in­al sur­real­ist game ‘The Exquis­ite Corpse’ in order to design a dwell­ing with­in the vir­tu­al space of a com­puter ‘CAD’ pro­gram.

14:30 Gust­avo Gran­dal-Montero (Chelsea Col­lege of Art & Design Lib­rary) chairs a pan­el dis­cus­sion
Artists, pub­lish­ers, gal­ler­ists and art lib­rar­i­ans address the pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion of artists’ pub­lic­a­tions in a digit­al envir­on­ment.

17:00 Film Screen­ing: Photo Wal­lahs by Dav­id Mac­Dou­gall (60mins)
Photo Wal­lahs is a ground­break­ing piece of eth­no­graph­ic film that med­it­ates on the nature of pho­to­graphy as a rep­res­ent­a­tion­al tool.

18:30 Film Screen­ing, ‘Alec Soth: Some­where to Dis­ap­pear’ (60mins)
Some­where to Dis­ap­pear fol­lows pho­to­graph­er Alec Soth as he goes on his jour­ney to make the book Broken Manu­al (Steidl, 2008). This is the first pub­lic Lon­don screen­ing of the film.

22:0002:00 JFK’s After Party
Pool and Music at Canavans (JFK’s), 188 Peck­ham Rye. Dj’s include Robert Par­kin­son from Pre­ston is my Par­is.

JULY 22nd 2012

11:0013:00 Tom Saun­der­son presents Good Morn­ing Peck­ham
An edible break­fast event includ­ing a per­form­ance by Michael O’Mahony entitled ‘Motiv­a­tion­al Speak­ing’.

13:00 Not­ting Hill Edi­tions: Blinded By Cherry Blos­som: Ozu’s Late Spring
Adam Mars-Jones in con­ver­sa­tion with Leo Rob­son: Do you have to be an expert in the rel­ev­ant cul­ture to under­stand a for­eign film?

14:30 ›School 004
Four writers will present new work that in due course will be pub­lished by AOTCS PRESS.

15:30 A read­ing organ­ised by The White Review

16:30 Sleep­er­hold 4 – The most expens­ive res­taur­ant ever built
A lec­ture delivered by Ward Heir­wegh using the latest Sleep­er­hold Pub­lic­a­tion as a tool to con­nect to 14 dif­fer­ent facts, artists and stor­ies.

17:00 Ed Begley presents an after­noon of Jazz


Bold Tend­en­cies‎
95A Rye Lane
Lon­don SE15 4ST

July 19th to 22nd 2012