Event — The Future of Artist Books

Prin­t­Room organ­izes a series of talks, work­shops and events on th top­ic The Future of Artist Books. The first epis­ode will take place on April 13th 2012 with Del­phine Bed­el (Hard Copy), Erica Over­meer (O Book Pub­lish­ers), Elisa­beth Tonnard and Mariken Wessels (both ABC Artists’ Books Cooper­at­ive) in Rot­ter­dam…

The artist book is a medi­um cent­ral to con­tem­por­ary artist­ic prac­tice. The artists/​publishers will present their recent edi­tions, and dis­cuss new modes of pro­duc­tion, col­lab­or­at­ive prac­tices and dis­tri­bu­tion, from print on demand, seri­al edi­tions to edu­ca­tion pro­jects, as well as their eco­nom­ic­al mod­els.”
 — Prin­t­Room

Del­phine Bed­el (FR/NL) is a pho­to­graph­er, cur­at­or and pub­lish­er. Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or at the M.F.A. HEAD – Geneva Uni­ver­sity of Art and Design. Her artist­ic and research-based prac­tice involves doc­u­ment­ary pho­to­graphy, writ­ing, cur­at­ing, pub­lish­ing and lec­tures, and her work is shown inter­na­tion­ally. She is the found­ing dir­ect­or of the Ams­ter­dam Art/​Book Fair, Hard Copy and Mono­space Press. Bed­el cur­ated over forty inter­na­tion­al exhib­i­tions, events and screen­ings. Her awar­ded edit­or­i­al work (about 70 books) explores the rela­tion between emer­ging art prac­tices and graph­ic design.

Erica Over­meer (NL/DE) stud­ied at the Ger­rit Rietveld Academy.She is a pho­to­graph­er and founder of O Book; a pub­lish­er of photo books in small edi­tions with texts and pho­to­graphs of the artist. Erica Over­meer is self-pub­lish­ing since 2001. She lives and works in Ams­ter­dam, Par­is and Munich.

Elisa­beth Tonnard (NL) is a poet and visu­al artist from The Neth­er­lands. She works in the fields of artists’ books, pho­to­graphy and con­cep­tu­al lit­er­at­ure. Since 2003 she has pub­lished twenty-two books, which are included in numer­ous pub­lic and private col­lec­tions. She holds an MA in Lit­er­at­ure from the Rad­boud Uni­ver­sity in The Neth­er­lands and a Mas­ter of Fine Arts degree from Visu­al Stud­ies Work­shop in Rochester, New York. She exhib­its inter­na­tion­ally and is a mem­ber of ABC Artists’ Books Cooper­at­ive.

Mariken Wessels (NL) is a visu­al artist, pho­to­graph­er and act­ress. Her work com­bines install­a­tions, sculp­tures, pho­to­graphy and video. Her first self-pub­lished artist book ›Elisa­beth – I want to eat –‹ (2009) was awar­ded the Sil­ver Medal at the ›Foto­grafia di Roma‹ Book Fest­iv­al. Her second artist book, ›Queen Ann P.S. Belly Cut Off‘, was pub­lished by Alauda Pub­lic­a­tions and selec­ted as one of the Best Photo Books of 2010 by LeM­onde. Her work has been acquired as a part of the col­lec­tions of the Museum of Mod­ern Art lib­rary in New York (MoMA) and Inter­na­tion­al Cen­ter of Pho­to­graphy lib­rary New York.

Schi­et­baan­straat 17
Rot­ter­dam, Neth­er­lands

April 13th 2012 from 7 to 9pm