Launch — Born in Flames

Honey in Liz­zie Borden’s “Born in Flames”

Motto Van­couver
and Fil­lip present a spe­cial launch event in con­junc­tion with the recent release of Born in Flames pub­lished by Occa­sion­al Papers on Septem­ber 17th 2011

Spreas of “Born in Flames”

“Based on Liz­zie Borden’s 1983 film of the same name, the book invest­ig­ates New York’s rad­ic­al fem­in­ist and les­bi­an com­munit­ies through an account of a fic­tion­al dysto­pia set ten years after a peace­ful Social­ist revolu­tion.

Artist Kaisa Lassin­aro and pub­lish­ers Sara De Bondt and Ant­ony Hudek will join us from Lon­don via Skype to intro­duce the pro­ject, fol­lowed by a screen­ing of Borden’s film (run­ning time, 80min).”
 — Motto

The launch will occur along­side a spe­cial present­a­tion of Occa­sion­al Papers‹ back cata­logue, on view at Motto Van­couver through Octo­ber. Foun­ded in 2008 by De Bondt and Hudek, Occa­sion­al Papers is a non-profit pub­lish­er devoted to the his­tor­ies of archi­tec­ture, art, design, film and lit­er­at­ure.

About Born in Flames
“Born in Flames poses the ques­tion of wheth­er oppres­sion against women will be elim­in­ated under any kind of social sys­tem. […] It is a fantasy present­ing a group of women who, con­fron­ted with the very ‘ordin­ary’ oppres­sion women have been exper­i­en­cing for dec­ades, refuse to take it any longer and become armed fight­ers against the gov­ern­ment. Their pos­i­tion is that oppres­sion against women is not elim­in­ated auto­mat­ic­ally with ‘social­ism’ – not only do polit­ic­al val­ues have to change, cul­tur­al val­ues must change and become embed­ded in prac­tice.”
 — Liz­zie Bor­den in Her­es­ies #16, 1983

More inform­a­tions and a video about Born in Flames you’ll find on Jenny Woolworth’s Women in Punk Blog and on Occa­sion­al Papers web­site.

Motto Van­couver
555 Hamilton Street
Van­couver, BC

Septem­ber 17th 2011 from 5 to 8pm