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Month Juni 2012

Exhibition — Stefan Marx – Die Hefte

Tonight, June 22nd 2012, opens the exhib­i­tion Stefan Marx — Die Hefte at Galer­ie Karin Guen­ther in Ham­burg…

Event — Megabodega

On June 26th 2012 Mega­bo­dega a zine mart and event series is open­ing at Fam­ily Busi­ness in New York…

Open Call — Zine Dream #5

Zine Dream #5

From August 10th to 11th 2012 the fifth Zine Dream will take place at Tran­zac in Toronto. Actu­ally they are call­ing for exhib­it­ors…

Event — Panorama #10

This week is the last week of Théophile’s Pan­or­ama N° 10 at Abi­lene Gal­lery in Brus­sels and you are invited to join the upcom­ing events…

Exhibition — Brooklyn Shelf Life

Showpa­per, Prin­ted Mat­ter, Inc. and Swill Chil­dren invite you to Brook­lyn Shelf Life open­ing on June 19th 2012 at Brook­lyn Academy of Music, New York…

Fair — I Never Read

From June 14th to 16th 2012 I Nev­er Read, Inde­pend­ent Art Book Fair Basel will be launched at Hin­ter­hof in Basel…

Event — Fernand Baudin Prize 2011 in Amsterdam

From June 21st until July 15th 2012, the Prize-Win­ning books of the Fernand Baud­in Prize 2011 will be on dis­play and avail­able at Nijhof & Lee at the Bijzon­dere Col­lecties in Ams­ter­dam.
On this occa­sion, a pan­el dis­cus­sion between col­lab­or­at­ors of the Prize-Win­ning books and Dutch book pro­fes­sion­als will take place on June 21st at Bijzon­dere Col­lecties (the Her­it­age Col­lec­tions of the Uni­ver­sity of Ams­ter­dam)…

Event — Heroes of the Sexual Revolution

You are invited to the open­ing, tonight June 9th 2012, of the exhib­i­tion Her­oes of the Sexu­al Revolu­tion by Jes­per Fab­ri­cius at Boekie Woekie in Ams­ter­dam. Togeth­er with the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion issue 22 of “Het Andre Behr Pam­f­let” will be launched: alli­ance between the images and their mean­ing…

Event — AND @ PrintRoom

Prin­t­Room invites you to par­ti­cip­ate in a artist’ talk, present­a­tion and work­shop with AND pub­lic­a­tions on June 8th 2012 in Rot­ter­dam. On June 8th Prin­t­Room will also launch the T issue of PrintRoom’s A — Z

Library — Perimeter Books Micro-Library

The Peri­met­er Books Micro-Lib­rary is the new col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject by Peri­met­er Books with the Little King Café in Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia…