I’ve Zine the Darkness


Thanks — Marian Reinig

Marian Reinig an artist from Leipzig (Germany) submitted his artzine “Durchgang”.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Edition Fästing Plockare

Edition Fästing Plockare is an off press based in Biel/Bienne (Suisse) and participates with five artzines.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Gudberg

Hamburg-based Gudberg publishing submitted seven artzines.

Mai, 24

Thanks — The Bottomless Paddling Pool

The Bottomless Paddling Pool is a self-publishing project from Wellington (New Zealand) operated by Matt Whitluxus. He submitted five of his artzines.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Benjamin Belsky

Benjamin Belsky from Brooklyn, New York (USA) participates in the exhibition with three artzines.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Blood Of The Young

Blood Of The Young is a Toronto (Canada) based publishing project established by T. Reilly Hodgson and Dimitri Karakostas. They submitted their artzine “Kiss It Goodbye”.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Landfill Editions

Landfill Editions based in London (UK) submitted Hugh Frost’s “Life Kebab”.

Mai, 24


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