I’ve Zine the Darkness


Thanks — Log10ah

Log10ah is a online multimedial archive you can use to build customed artzines. one artzine made from this archive was submitted for the show.

Jun, 26

Thanks — Rutina

Rutina is an artzine made by Juan Herrera from Caracas (Venezuela). Juan submitted three issues.

Jun, 26

Thanks — Zeitmaschine

Zeitmaschine zine by Reinhard Schmidt and Philipp Hoch was submitted for the show.

Jun, 26

Thanks — The Ordinary Madness

The Ordinary Madness from Düsseldorf (Germany) submitted four artzines.

Jun, 26

Thanks — der:die:das:

der:die:das: a mono thematic magazine based in Zurich (Switzerland) submitted four isuses.

Jun, 26

Thanks — Théophile’s Papers

Six publications were submitted by Théophile’s Papers from Brussels (Belgium).  A Very Serious Job by Thomas Mailaender, Tutorial de Sculpture Contemporaine appliqué à WTB by Raphaël Denis, two artzines from the Rubber out abstract series […]

Jun, 26

Thanks — Sophia Kesting

Sophia Kesting from Leipzig (Germany) contributed her publication Dia – ein Sammelsurium for the exhibition.

Jun, 26


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