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Launch — Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs

You are wel­come to join the book launch and per­form­ance read­ing of Uh Duh by Sarah Jac­obs, pub­lished by Lem­on­Mel­on and VeryS­mallKit­chen, on Janu­ary 25th at X Marks the Bök­ship

Event — Sideshow Artists Book Fair

The Sideshow* Artists Book Fair is an after­noon of mul­tiples, zines and bespoke artists’ pub­lic­a­tions for sale in the Sideshow Alley Café. This inde­pend­ent fair will stock afford­able, hand­made artists’ books, com­ics and zines along­side cata­logues, rare volumes and lim­ited edi­tions…