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Open Call — I Never Read Art Book Fair Basel


The people behind I Nev­er Read Fair call for pub­lish­ers to par­ti­cip­ate in the second edi­tion of the I Nev­er Read, Art Book Fair Basel from June 14th to 16th, 2013

Fair — I Never Read

From June 14th to 16th 2012 I Nev­er Read, Inde­pend­ent Art Book Fair Basel will be launched at Hin­ter­hof in Basel…

Launch — Two Thousand Light Years from Home

On Janu­ary 20th 2012 Kodoji Press launches “Two Thou­sand Light Years from Home” by Pietro Mat­ti­oli and invites you to join them at Dien­st­ge­bäude in Zurich…

Impressions— 1st international Bienne City Fanzine Weeks

Exhib­tion View (Photo by Soph­ie Yerly)

Soph­ie Yerly pos­ted on her blog We find wild­ness some pic­tures of the 1st inter­na­tion­al Bienne City Fan­zine Weeks. If you can­’t vit­ist the exhib­i­tion this is your chance to see some really aus­pi­cious impres­sions…

Exhibition — 1st international Bienne City Fanzine Weeks

You’re invited to join the 1st inter­na­tion­al Bienne City Fan­zine Weeks open­ing tomor­row April 7th in Bienne…

Open Call — 1st International Bienne City Zine Weeks

Lokal-int and Vand­ag invites you to be part of the “1st Inter­na­tion­al Bienne City Zine Weeks”.

Event — The Most Beautiful Swiss Books in London

The »Most Beau­ti­ful Swiss Books« will be exhib­ited in Lon­don at the Cafe OTO.