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Open Call — ‘Open Books’ Exhibition & Publication

Open Books’ is an exhib­i­tion and pub­lic­a­tion organ­ised by Manystuff and Depart­ment 21 and they invites you to par­ti­cip­ate with your pub­lic­a­tion…

Event — Codex

Codex — Two ways of look­ing at con­tem­por­ary forms of pub­lish­ing in art and design, by Hyper­texte and Manystuff.

Event — Salon Light #7

Salon Light #7 is an artists‹ pub­lic­a­tions fair cur­ated by Sylvie Boulanger (cneai =) and Alex­is Zavia­loff (Motto) this year. It is organ­ized by cneai = (Par­is-Chat­ou, France) since 2004 and a par­al­lel event of the FIAC Par­is (Foire Inter­na­tion­al d’Art Con­tem­po­rain).