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Exhibition — BoaBooks

Forde invited the edit­or of Boa Books and artist Izet Sheshiv­ari for an exhib­i­tion of pro­jects done by Boa Books at Forde Motto.

Workshop — Form of the Book

Forde/​Motto hosts a pub­lic work­shop developed by Sara De Bondt and Cath­er­ine de Smet on the his­tor­ies and his­tori­ography of graph­ic design, involving a group of stu­dents from the Ecole can­tonale d’art de Lausanne and their tutor Roland Früh…

Event — The Last Dot Dot Dot

»After ten years and twenty issues, Dot Dot Dot has man­aged to both shift the cen­ter of grav­ity and mark out new ter­rit­ory in the expan­ded cat­egory of crit­ic­al writ­ing about and around graph­ic design, and with issue 20 the journ­al comes to a close. R.I.P.« (Marc Owens)

The journ­al with the nev­er-end­ing title (and always-chan­ging sub­title) announces its end (with a full stop). Stu­art Bailey and Dav­id Rein­furt from Dex­ter Sin­is­ter invite you to mourn the twen­ti­eth and final Dot Dot Dot Magazine at Forde. Drinks will be served and a film pro­jec­ted.