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Exhibition — Table of Contents: Harun Farocki

BAT édi­tions invites Alice Malinge to col­lab­or­ate on a pub­lic­a­tion and exhib­i­tion around the film­maker Har­un Farocki. An occa­sion to invest­ig­ate the director’s work, and espe­cially the double rota­tion of images in his install­a­tions, a rule inspired by music­al com­pos­i­tion as well as Jean-Luc Godard’s cinema. Har­un Farocki “Rundher­um” will enable to cross ana­lo­gies between Farocki’s cinema which code/​decode/​recode found images and the nev­er-end­ing act of trans­lat­ing.