Launch — Find The Coyote


You are invited to the launch of Shel­ter Press’ latest artists’ pub­lic­a­tion Find the Coyote on Feb­ru­ary 11th, 2015 at the Los Angeles Con­tem­por­ary Archive (LACA)

»›Find The Coyote‹ is the res­ult­ing work from the Shel­ter Press (France) res­id­ency at LACA. Vis­it­ing artists Feli­cia Atkin­son and Bar­to­lomé San­son, the co-pro­pri­et­ors of Shel­ter Press, syn­thes­ize new work that co-mingles their body of exper­i­ence as artists and pub­lish­ers with 3 weeks of exam­in­a­tion in and around LACA

The artists will speak about the work at the recep­tion.

Los Angeles Con­tem­por­ary Archive
2245 E Wash­ing­ton Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Feb­ru­ary 11th, 2015 at 7.30pm