Event — Raiders of the Lost Archives


The Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ing Resource Cen­ter invites you for the 3rd Raid­ers of the Lost Archives on Feb­ru­ary 21st, 2015 at their space in Port­land, OR

»For the third year, for 24 hours straight, we’ll read, cata­log, eat deli­cious food, drink cof­fee and be part of build­ing the world’s largest col­lec­tion of zines and small press com­ics. With over 20,000 uncata­logued zines dat­ing back to the 1950s, you’re sure to find a treas­ure.

The work is not dif­fi­cult. Know­ledge of the alpha­bet is help­ful. Hands-on train­ing in cata­loguing will be provided. All it takes is you and a com­puter. Of course, you can come do it solo but a team will provide sup­port in those times of alpha­bet­ic­al need. You can even earn mer­it badges and com­pete against your friends in our online game.

Hard­core Raid­ers will read for 24 hours, while light­er Spe­lunkers can simply stop in for a few hours of read­ing. Some teams split the 24 hours into shifts so there will always be a team mem­ber cata­loguing wheth­er they’re a night owl or an early bird.« — IPRC

Inde­pend­ent Pub­lish­ing Resource Cen­ter
1001 SE Divi­sion St
Port­land, OR 97232

Feb­ru­ary 21st, 2015 at 10am to Feb­ru­ary 22nd, 2015